How you can help .............

We are a non-profit organization and depend on the power of prayer to motivate others to assist. We depend on donations to be able to pay for administrative expenses and events.  

We are thankful for any kind of donation, whether monetary or in kind (ex. office furniture, toys, etc.). We can pretty much use every thing!

The G.O.S Agency is excited about collaborating with local businesses in the fight against HIV-AIDS, raising awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and providing information that will reduce domestic violence. Please contact us via the
Contact Form.

To change our communities behaviors, first the neighborhoods must change, we do not just need donations but also helping hands that are willing to work. We need as many volunteers as we can get. Just contact us via the Contact Form or by email at


Thank you,


G.O.S. Agency

G.O.S. Ministries, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN 46208


Educating the Community & Partnering in the Journey