About G.O.S. Agency, Inc.

Mission Statement


To provide awareness based-preventative education regarding the public health crises HIV-AIDS,Autism Awareness, and Domestic Violence. Our mission is also extended to promoting awareness and understanding of these public health crises, particularly in the African American community. Preventative and awareness based education increases understanding, promotes prevention, decreases stigmatization, turns myths into facts, and goals to save and improve lives. We believe our mission is in direct response to Gods' Ordered Service to the community and abroad.  



The G.O.S. Agency has been formed and works to provide education, promote prevention, increase awareness and understanding as it relates to HIV-AIDS,  Autism, and Domestic Violence. Our goal is to ensure that individuals and families affected by one of these social health related issues have access to care, support, and treatment. Support related services, educational activities, and informational based programs are intended to benefit youth, individuals, families, groups, and communities affected.

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